Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell Williams Project

Sounds interesting....

Since the release of underground hit “Us Placers” a few years back, the idea of a C.R.S. album has been at the top of everyone’s wish list. Due to conflicting schedules however, a possible legendary album between the three hip-hop wise men has been placed on a temporary hold until they can determine if a collaboration is truly feasible.

Yesterday brought good news however to the C.R.S. fan base, as Lupe Fiasco announced via his website that him and super-producer Pharrell Williams will join forces to release a joint album.

“FOOD AND LIQUOR 2 COMING SOON….LUPE AND PHARRELL ALBUM COMING SOON…” Obviously little is known of either effort, but we do have a feeling Mr. West will take time from his rigorous design schedule to offer his anecdote to the collaborative piece.

As we all anxiously wait for additional details, we must take a look back to the label troubles Lupe went through to release Lasers and hope the same doesn’t happen for the two imminent releases.