Friday, 16 December 2011

Theophilus London's Remix Album to be sponsored by Microsoft Bing!

Microsoft's Bing and Warner Bros. Records rapper/singer Theophilus London are teaming up for an upcoming remix album, due in April and sponsored by Bing. The team-up began Tuesday with an online contest that will let aspiring beatmasters remix London's song "All Around the World," with one winner getting the chance to re-record their mix in the studio with London and secure a spot on the album's tracklist.

The unique pairing is believed to be the first sponsorship of a major-label album by a brand, and was orchestrated in part by Talenthouse, an online collective that pairs major artists and brands with its database of 1 million-plus users in the creative community. As part of the deal, Bing will have final input on the name of the album - a privilege that Bing's general manager Eric Hadley doesn't intend to abuse. "I don't think either of us would want it to be called 'The Bing Album,'" he says. "This is about Theophilus saying, I'm a fan of Bing, I want you and the fans of Theophilus to customize the songs on my album.' It's more than just us putting our name on something - it's his fans and our fans working together to create something really cool."